Seven Scientific Reasons to Meditate

It Boosts Your HEALTH

1 - Increases immune function *1

2 - Decreases Pain *2

3 - Decreases Inflammation at the Cellular Level *3

It Boosts Your HAPPINESS

4 - Increases Positive Emotion *4

5 - Decreases Depression *5

6 - Decreases Anxiety *6

7 - Decreases Stress *7

Here is an easy 5 min Meditation you can do almost anywhere.


5 min breath meditation



Find a relaxed, comfortable position. You could be seated on a chair or on the floor on a cushion. Keep your back upright, but not too tight. Hands resting wherever they’re comfortable. Tongue on the roof of your mouth or wherever it’s comfortable.


Notice and relax your body. Try to notice the shape of your body, its weight. Let yourself relax and become curious about your body seated here—the sensations it experiences, the touch, the connection with the floor or the chair. Relax any areas of tightness or tension. Just breathe.



Tune into your breath. Feel the natural flow of breath—in, out. You don’t need to do anything to your breath. Not long, not short, just natural. Notice where you feel your breath in your body. It might be in your abdomen. It may be in your chest or throat or in your nostrils. See if you can feel the sensations of breath, one breath at a time. When one breath ends, the next breath begins.



Be kind to your wandering mind. Now as you do this, you might notice that your mind may start to wander. You may start thinking about other things. If this happens, it is not a problem. It’s very natural. Just notice that your mind has wandered. You can say “thinking” or “wandering” in your head softly. And then gently redirect your attention right back to the breathing.



Stay here for five minutes. Notice your breath, in silence. From time to time, you’ll get lost in thought, then return to your breath.



Check in before you check out. After a few minutes, once again notice your body, your whole body, seated here. Let yourself relax even more deeply and then offer yourself some appreciation for doing this practice today.





Week One of MediClear Cleanse Program

Week One:

Day 1-Started with a kale smoothie with the MediClear Plus powder. Had a bean salad for lunch, turkey/rice soup and salad for dinner and second scoop of powder. Snacked on some rice cakes later. Overall, I am sleepy, sleepy, but probably because it’s minus 20 something crazy, and I was outside for over 2 hours in the that cold and it’s so dark, it’s January after all!

Day 2- Not much appetite today, had the powder and a kiwi for breakie, more bean salad for lunch and some rice noodles for dinner. Still sleepy…

Day 3-Super bloated and gassy, thought it was the MediClear powder but in hind sight, I was eating a LOT of bean salads, and I realized I was only supposed to do 1 serving a day of MediClear to start not two. Made a bunch of homemade dressings from “Whole Life Nutrition” and “Nourishing Meals” cookbooks for upcoming salads and meals.

Day 4- No beans, 1 serving MediClear, took a digestive enzyme just in case. Feel much better. Craving chips already. The guide says Taro chips are ok. I could only find Parsnip chips or Sweet Potato Chips by Hardbite so far. I made an executive decision that that was similar enough and they were delicious.

Day 5- Made a homemade cream of mushrooms soup thickened with cashews, coconut flour and almond milk, yummy!

Day 6- First cheat, WINE! Does it count that I was sort of run off a back country road into a ditch and was 3 hours before I got out? I deserve wine, no guilt on that.

Day 7-Boring and uneventful cleanse day. Prepped for upcoming vegan week.



I’ll be honest, I wasn’t completely ready for this cleanse.   There was food in my fridge that I wanted to eat as I don’t like wasting, but I wasn’t able to do that!! I also had to go to Edmonton for work and even though I brought healthy snacks, I wasn’t able to control what went into my food at restaurants. Unfortunately, most restaurants don’t have hormone free chicken, wild fish, and normally don’t use healthy oils. So you can see it was a bit of a pickle! Having said that, I did the best I could under the circumstances. I do find that as soon as you are restricted from something, you want it even more and coffee WAS and IS my nemesis! So that part is eye opening as it’s more mind over matter. I feel like the rest of the cleanse should be okay as long as I stay focused and prep accordingly. Fatigue is starting to kick in but I know that’s part of the detoxing process. I also find the meal and shake plan has been a huge help!



I have completed week one of the MediClear Program without cheating! No caffeine would have to be my biggest struggle in week one. I have gone weeks without coffee before, but still drank black/green tea. The first few days I was exhausted. I now have more energy and I feel good not relying on caffeine. I have learned you must always read the label. Many products have ingredients you would not expect! I have noticed a slight change in my skin. I think this will take a longer. I am feeling great and I am really enjoying the MediClear Program! The drinks are filling and there is still a variety of other foods I can eat. I never feel hungry!






MediClear Program

MediClear Program


Fish Creek Naturopathic Medicine employees are attempting the MediClear Program! Carole (owner), Cheryl (Colon Hydrotherapist), and Erin (receptionist) will be following the program and blogging their progress. “The MediClear program is designed to last three weeks and is intended to help your body detoxify by providing essential nutrients and botanicals you need to support efficient cleansing.* The program also gives your body a break from the potential allergens you consume on a regular basis, as well as alcohol, caffeine, and refined sugars.” (Thorne Research, 2016) If you wish to join the program stop by the clinic and grab your MediClear Plus and Patient Guide for only $89.90.

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Are we eating our way to TROUBLE??

Did you know that what you're feeding your child may be interfering with their learning and focus capabilities?   That's right, FOODS causing havoc in their body!!

"Healthy eating" is a very poorly defined term.  What "healthy eating" means to one person may mean something very different to another. For the most part, we know what foods are healthy vs unhealthy.  We're taught that fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, eggs and lean proteins are good for us; which in fact they are. But what if we're missing potential underlying food sensitivities to foods that are still considered "healthy", but may be causing your child to have unstable moods or the inability to focus, learn, and retain informtation?

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Why is Fecal Microbiota Transplant not available in Canada?

I have been hearing this question more frequently lately, and there’s no doubt that is because there is much press on FMT and a range of conditions that seem to be benefiting from the treatment. Recent media such as are increasing the public awareness of the subject.

When I’m asked what alternatives there may be, I have one immediate thought. Colon hydrotherapy. If there is any way to give your gut as chance, it is to reduce the amount of imbalanced flora that may be there. Using the healing power of water to encourage a clean bowel can provide a better platform for probiotics and food-based bacteria to recolonize the GI tract.

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